Authors: Getachew Kebebew Abate and Mekuria Asaye

The war between Russia-Ukraine was started on the 24th of February 2022 with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The aim of the paper is to examine the war induced human, economy and geopolitical crises of the Russia-Ukraine war in the global world. The study used a qualitative research method, particularly a case study design. This was online desk research, used the available published and unpublished sources and materials. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought devastating crises on the global humanitarian, economy and geopolitical order. The Russia-Ukraine war has caused extensive damage and loss of human life and injuries in key population centers, spread across, and sparked massive displacement. In Ukraine, thousands have been killed, millions have been displaced, and millions need urgent humanitarian assistance. Likewise, thousands have been killed and injured in Russia. Russia-Ukraine war has shaken both global economy and politics, and is likely to result in long-term impacts on economies and geopolitics around the world. The war has resulted to energy supply shocks, commodities and trade supply shocks, rising energy, food and commodities prices, thereby causing global inflation in many countries. The sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations have a spillover effect on the global economy. In addition, Russia-Ukraine war has brought crisis on the geopolitical tensions particularly between the Western countries and Russia. It disrupted the diplomatic relationships, fragile of socio-economic and political interrelations, tensions of the allied world, lowering global growth expectations due to uncertainty about the effects of the conflict on the global political system.

Keywords: Human, Economy, Geopolitical, War, Crises, Russia, Ukraine, Global, Western
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Date of Publication: 08-06-2024
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