Authors: Adegboyega Richard Kolawole* Idris Mohammed Katun and Raji Mohammed Mudashir
Abstract: In order to get the best hand for the construction industry, construction professionals such as Quantity Surveyors need training as it is the case in any human field of endeavor. Polytechnics are crucial in providing students with an education that will equip them with adequate skill, competencies attitudes and necessary values for further career development in the highly competitive global market of today. A wide-ranging literature review and questionnaire survey was conducted to gain in-depth understanding of student satisfaction. The questionnaire was distributed to 155 students of quantity surveying department, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. Using SPSS version 23, the questionnaire was subjected to reliability test. Statistical analysis was used using average index; Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression were used to analysis data from survey questionnaire. The study reveal that the five most influencing factors of student satisfaction were: lecturer preparedness, lecturer expertise, study material, lecturer academic experience and lecturer interpersonal and communication skill. The study established that overall student satisfaction is impacted by influencing factors by a R2 of 0.279, meaning that student satisfaction influencing factors accounts for 27.9% of the variation in student satisfaction. The study concluded that the most important factors that influence student satisfaction in the Quantity Surveying Programme at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi are those related to the lecturer and the institution, they contribute 28% to student satisfaction in the Quantity Surveying Programme at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi ; external influences and program factors have a negative relationship with student satisfaction in the Quantity Surveying Programme at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi; lecturer and institution factors. The study recommended that order to improve learning, lecturers should look for local issues that students can connect to and solve; case studies and real-world examples are useful tools for delivering modules, The Federal Polytechnic Bauchi should establish a welcoming and favorable learning environment, improve classroom equipment with cutting-edge technology, and lecturer should employ creative teaching strategies.
Keywords: Polytechnic; Quantity Surveying; Student Experience; student satisfaction
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